MCCF awards scholarships to Class of 2023

 The McKean County Community Foundation (MCCF), an affiliate of the Community Foundation of the Northern Alleghenies, recognized the accomplishments of the Class of 2023 by awarding 76 scholarships totaling nearly $57,500 to students within McKean county and other surrounding areas. Thanks to the substantial donations from individuals, families, and organizations, 51 scholarship funds are being administered by MCCF to benefit local students.

The recipients of these scholarships are graduating seniors from the surrounding areas. Out of the 76 scholarships; 37 scholarships went to seniors from Bradford Area High School, 34 to seniors from Kane Area High School, 3 to seniors from Otto-Eldred Area High School, and 2 additional scholarships were awarded to a student who is already in attendance at a post-secondary institution. Eleven new scholarship funds were established and awarded in 2023.

By providing scholarship assistance, we can enable greater success in college, providing backing for deserving students who want to graduate with their degree and give back to society. Donors who have established these scholarships are contributing to our future leaders. The McKean County Community Foundation Board extends their gratitude to those who have seen the need and believe in the youth of today. Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship can contact the Foundation at 814-834-2125 or read more about the foundation on their website at

McKean County Scholarships were awarded to these individuals:

ARG Employee Scholarship

Abbie Strait (OEHS – $500)

Garrick S. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Brendan Confer (BAHS – $500)

Kayli Keesler (BAHS – $500)

Andrus Family Good Citizenship Award

Carli Persichini (BAHS – $950)

Barbara L. Boser Memorial Scholarship

Alanna Benson (BAHS – $1000)

Julianna Rose Barton Memorial Scholarship

Tristin Baxter (BAHS – $1000)

BAHS Class of 1960 Scholarship

Lucas Johnson (BAHS – $1000)

BAHS & BCCHS Class of 1964 Scholarship

Kaliyah Crouse (BAHS – $1000)

Grace Frasier (BAHS – $1000)

Bradford Area Fire Department Scholarship

Samantha Soyke (AWHS- Olean – $1000)

Bradford Creative Performing Arts Center BCPAC Scholarship

Audrey Kemick (BAHS – $500)

Lacey Rodgers (BAHS – $500)

Bradford Rotary Vocational Scholarship

Brendan Confer (BAHS – $500)

Kristie Chase Memorial Scholarship

Taylor Hurrle (OEHS – $500)

Honey Lee Colella Education Scholarship

Carli Persichini (BAHS – $500)

Chuck Daly Memorial Scholarship

Mollie Dinger (KAHS – $1000)

Kaden Smith (KAHS – $1000)

Kane Day Memorial Scholarship

Max Anderson (KAHS – $500)

Martha A. Eddy Memorial Scholarship

Cambria Race (BAHS – $500)

Timothy S. Eyssen Memorial Scholarship

Kailee Peterson (BAHS – $212)

Meadow Pulver (BAHS – $212)

Hannold Family Memorial Scholarship

Cecilia Anderson (KAHS – $500)

Emma Danielson (KAHS – $1000)

Bernard Feiro Memorial Scholarship

Garrett Erickson (BAHS – $500)

Thomas E. Frair Scholarship

Sarah Beaver (OEHS – $1000)

Gentilman Family “In the Game” Award

Richard Zampogna (KAHS – $4000)

Gentilman Family “STEM” Award

Cora Jekielek (KAHS – $4000)

Jerry and Nancy Haberberger Memorial Scholarship

Elijah Everett (KAHS – $500)

Samuel F. Heffner Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Abbigail Schleicher (BAHS – $850)

Scott M. Hickey Memorial Scholarship

Emmah Wilson (KAHS – $500)

June A. Howard Memorial Scholarship

Meadow Pulver (BAHS – $500)

Diana J. Hulings Memorial Scholarship

Macie Johnson (KAHS – $625)

Ellen Marie Hulings Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Jillian Watts (KAHS – $500)

John and Donna Hulings Memorial Scholarship

Mackenzie Blankenship (KAHS – $600)

Jacob Troutman (KAHS – $600)

Steve Jerman Memorial Scholarship

Max Anderson (KAHS – $250)

Mackenzie Blankenship (KAHS – $250)

Abigail Deane (KAHS – $250)

Arianna Deane (KAHS – $250)

Elaina Deane (KAHS – $250)

Abigail Port (KAHS – $250)

Alexis Port (KAHS – $250)

Jillian Watts (KAHS – $250)

The Jeff and Shelli Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Bailey Hummel (KAHS – $500)

Kane High School Alumni Memorial Award

Mackenzie Blankenship (KAHS – $3000)

Jacob Troutman (KAHS – $3000)

Sashy and Gladys Kane Perpetual Scholarship

Mollie Dinger (KAHS – $1000)

Kaden Smith (KAHS – $1000)

Peyton Kirk Memorial Scholarship

Tristin Baxter (BAHS – $500)

Elisa Hayden (BAHS – $500)

Anna Nannen (BAHS – $500)

Abbigail Schleicher (BAHS – $500)

Pink Langianese Memorial Scholarship

Kayli Keesler (BAHS – $500)

Gary Meckley Scholarship

Mollie Dinger (KAHS – $1000)

Mary Mottey Memorial Scholarship

Emma Swanson (BAHS – $1625)

Helene Nawrocki Memorial Scholarship

Aaron Weinkauf (COLLEGE – $500)

Lisa Pecora Scholarship for NPRC

Aaron Weinkauf (COLLEGE – $500)

Gigliotti – Plano Student Support Scholarship

Audrey Kemick (BAHS – $500)

Paul Robert and Frieda Roberta Calkins Rolfe Scholarship

Emma Danielson (KAHS – $4000)

Carrie Sauers Memorial Scholarship

Mackenzie Blankenship (KAHS – $425)

Tristan Sauers Memorial Scholarship

Elijah Everett (KAHS – $500)

Elzear Kalstrom Schoch English Award

Amber Eschrich (BAHS – $425)

Rodney Schoch Band Scholarship

Grace Frasier (BAHS – $425)

Pastor Craig Smith Memorial Scholarship

Dawson Glogau (KAHS – $500)

Joe Stanko Memorial Scholarship

Emmah Wilson (KAHS – $1000)

Vicki L. Streit Memorial Scholarship

Rylee Haight (KAHS – $500)

Joe Tantalo Scholarship

Quinn Lasher (BAHS – $500)

Andrew Taylor Recognition Award

Kathreen Colon (BAHS – $250)

Manny Diaz (BAHS – $250)

Shawn Farr (BAHS – $250)

Evan Henry (BAHS – $250)

Brett Kubeja (BAHS – $250)

Garrett McAvoy (BAHS – $250)

Maverick Miller (BAHS – $250)

Jesse Taylor (BAHS – $250)

Verna Wooditch Memorial Scholarship

Jillian Watts (KAHS – $500)