Community Foundations offer scholarships for everyone: Adult Learners too

Applications for scholarships through both the McKean County and Elk County Community Foundations are now open for high school seniors as well as for non-traditional adult learners with a submission deadline of March 7, 2024. Through the 178 scholarship funds held at the two Community Foundations, over 300 scholarships are awarded each year to students of all ages who are furthering their education.

In addition to the numerous scholarships offered to high school seniors, adult learners have a variety of scholarship opportunities available to them. There are 14 scholarship funds in McKean County and 25 scholarship funds in Elk County earmarked for college students, graduate level and non-traditional students. These adult learners may be pursuing general 2–4-year degrees, trade or vocational degrees or certificates, environmental studies, EMT or paramedic training, criminal justice, nursing, forestry and agriculture, military service, and more. Students are urged to log on to the foundation websites to explore the options available to them.

All scholarships applications are completed online. If interested in applying, go to the website for your area at or www.elk Click on the Scholarships tab, then Information for Students, to search for scholarships for your specific school or category. When you “Click Here to Apply” you will be led to a website to fill out your information, after which the site will inform you of all of the scholarships for which you are eligible. The scholarships opened on January 15th and will close on March 7. For more questions on the application process contact the Community Foundation at 844-238-2289.

The Elk County Community Foundation and the McKean County Community Foundation are non-profit organizations that are affiliates of the Community Foundation of the Northern Alleghenies.