MCCF launches new online scholarship application program

A new online portal will be utilized this year by students who apply for scholarships at the McKean County Community Foundation.

There will be something new in ’22 for students who apply for scholarships at the McKean County Community Foundation (MCCF). MCCF is excited to announce that a new Foundant Technologies online application process will be launched on January 15 for the 2022 scholarship award cycle. This online process will streamline the process for students, school counselors, and the Foundation staff.

Students will create an account on the online portal where they will take an eligibility quiz that will automatically match them to all the scholarships that are available to them based on the criteria they enter.  Each student will then fill out their applications online. Students can easily upload letters of reference and transcripts to their applications. Applications can be saved and worked on at a later date, and students can track the status of each application. The new program will keep applicants on track with their scholarship reporting requirements with automated email reminders and online reporting forms.

Students are encouraged to explore the wide variety of scholarships available by going to the Foundation’s website at Under “Information for Students” they can view detailed information on scholarships for both graduating seniors and non-traditional students. When they are ready to apply, they can click on any of the “Click here to apply” buttons to be directed to the Foundant application portal.

In 2021 the McKean County Community Foundation awarded $33,200 in scholarships to 48 high school seniors and non-traditional students. This new online program will enable the Foundation to continue to offer a streamlined, well-organized and efficient scholarship process as the program continues to grow. For more information, contact the Foundation at 844-238-2289.

MCCF is a non-profit grant-making organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in our geographic area by partnering with philanthropic donors to help them meet their charitable goals.