Photo: The McKean County Community Foundation awarded a 2023 grant to Beacon Light to support construction of a new playground. McKean nonprofits are invited to apply for a new round of grants with an application deadline of August 6, 2024.

Accepting Grant Applications for McKean County Development Fund

The McKean County Community Foundation (MCCF) will be awarding grants from the McKean County Community Development Fund, an unrestricted fund administered by the Foundation. MCCF is now accepting grant applications from any nonprofit agency that provides support to community development initiatives that will enhance the economic and community well-being of McKean County.

Projects should include activities that are innovative and have a plan to sustain themselves. A grant will not cover the direct operating expenses of an agency, rather it intends to enhance already established programs or support the development of new programs. The competitive grant application is available on the Foundation’s website This grant cycle has a deadline of August 6, 2024. There is approximately $10,000 available to award this year, with the maximum grant request to be $2,000 per applicant.

Please contact Tiffany Boschert, Executive Director, at 844-238-2289 to learn more about applying for this grant, establishing a fund, or even how someone can support the community through donating to an existing fund such as the McKean County Development Fund. You can also contact Tiffany by email at

The Community Foundation of the Northern Alleghenies is the parent company of the McKean County Community Foundation and the Elk County Community Foundation.