Womens’s Giving Circle of McKean County Grant Applications Available

Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County Grant Applications Available

Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County grant applications will be available as of September 1, with a deadline for submission by October 1, 2020. Applications can be found on McKean County Community Foundation’s website at https//mckeancountyfoundation.org.

The Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County (WGC) is a group of local women committed to volunteerism and sharing who have formed a philanthropic women’s organization to strengthen their community. Each of the women pay annual membership dues that are pooled together to create a fund that grants needed dollars to local nonprofit organizations. The women will gather at their annual meeting this fall where they will vote on which projects are important to them to enhance the needs of families in McKean County.

The funds that are collected for the WGC will be distributed to various local charitable organizations through an annual grant application process. Eighty-five percent of the funds collected will be awarded each year, ten percent of the funds will become part of an endowment and five percent will cover the administrative expenses. In this first year, the Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County has 75 members. The granting dollars available for this granting cycle will be $9,500. McKean County organizations are encouraged to apply for these grants.

Eligible awards will be limited to nonprofit organizations with current 501 (c) (3) status, and schools or municipalities who serve the residents of McKean County. Requests must not duplicate the work of other local organizations, and must reflect sustainability and/or other ongoing support.  Awards will be given up to $2,000.  Some grants that are awarded may be less than the amount requested.

Top grant applications will be presented to the full membership at its annual meeting in the fall.  Since the venue will be virtual this year, we are asking applicants for a brief three (3) minute video to be prepared and submitted with their application. The Women’s Giving Circle members will have the opportunity to vote for the project(s) to be funded.

Inquiries/questions and requests for grant applications and membership information can be directed to Paula Fritz Eddy of the McKean County Community Foundation at 814-834-2125 or by email at mccf@mckeancountyfoundation.org.  The Women’s Giving Circle of McKean County organization was established last year as a project of the McKean County Community Foundation. Membership for 2020-21 is now open.