Tuna Valley Trail Association Fund

Tuna Valley Trail Association Fund

The McKean County Community Foundation (MCCF) announces the establishment of a new designated fund to benefit the Tuna Valley Trail Association (TVTA).  A designated fund allows the donor to name a particular charity or field of interest to benefit from the fund in perpetuity. The Foundation provides oversight to ensure that the gift is used exactly as the donor intended.

Recently, a very generous donor established a fund to help provide the TVTA with funding to be used for annual maintenance and upkeep of the trails.   At this time, the trails are very busy. The trails provide a safe place for families and individuals to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy nature while keeping safe by following mandated social distancing guidelines.  Anyone who enjoys the trails and wants to support the TVTA can make a tax-deductible contribution directly to the TVTA Fund. This will generate income for the organization to help with the annual cost of maintenance materials such as crushed limestone, lumber, mowing equipment and asphalt needed to keep the trails in good condition or that can be invested to help the fund grow.

“The goal of this fund is to grow it to a point where it would cover all of the annual costs of maintaining the entire TVTA trail system,” said Rick Esch, President of the board of the Tuna Valley Trail Association. “From this day forward and in perpetuity, trail enthusiasts will benefit from the establishment of this very important fund for ongoing upkeep and development of the trails.”  Anyone who enjoys the trails and wants to support the TVTA can make a tax-deductible contribution directly to the TVTA Fund.

Gifts to the Tuna Valley Trail Association Fund can be made in any number of ways. For example, people can make a direct financial contribution; they can talk with their estate planner about a planned gift; or name the TVTA Fund as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Memorials are accepted in honor or in memory of someone designated to the TVTA Fund, and an acknowledgment will be sent according to the donor’s direction.

TVTA maintains approximately 50 miles of trails throughout the scenic Tuna Valley, provides accessible recreational opportunities to residents and visitors, and links Tuna Valley trails with neighboring trail networks and communities. The TVTA board of directors represents the Tuna Valley Community.  The members bring with them a wide diversity of professions and skills that have proved to be valuable in accomplishing the goals of the TVTA. For more information, check out  their new blog on their website at http://tunavalleytrail.com

The McKean County Community Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the region through development, stewardship and grantmaking as donors achieve their philanthropic goals. MCCF will help to grow the endowment dollars with sound investment policies while TVTA continues to take care of the local trails. Contributions of any amount can be mailed to the MCCF, PO Box 708, Bradford, PA, 16701 (checks payable to the McKean County Community Foundation, with “Tuna Valley Trail Association” in the memo line) or donate through the Community Foundations website at www.mckeancountyfoundation.org . All contributions have maximum tax deductibility.

The foundation will also assist donors who have an interest in starting a fund to benefit nearly any charitable organization or cause in which they have a vested interest, whether as a named fund or in memory of a deceased family member or friend. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the MCCF for more information either by calling (844) 238-2289 or e-mailing us at mccf@mckeancountyfoundation.org

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