Scholarships available through Community Foundation

Scholarship Applications Are Now Available 

Attention All those attending Colleges, Universities or Vocations schools! The Elk County Community Foundation (ECCF)and McKean County Community Foundation, (MCCF) both affiliates of the Community Foundation of the Northern Alleghenies added thirteen new scholarships this year.  This has increased the total scholarships awarded by the Foundation to nearly $190,000 available for students across seven counties. The Community Foundation has distributed all post-secondary or vocational school scholarship applications to the high school guidance departments throughout the area and also have information on their websites.   Please visit them: or, look for the Scholarship page and the “Information for Students” tab! As shown in the photo, our new websites make it even easier to search for scholarship opportunities for each school district on the “Information For Students” in the Scholarships section.

Each scholarship that is available has a different focus, so check each one out and see if it is right for you. Some of the new scholarships are the Kane Day School Alumni Scholarship, Donald Cicuzza Jr. Memorial Scholarship, the Fitch Family Scholarship the Jack Kestler Memorial Scholarship, the BCPAC scholarship, the Joe Stanko Scholarship, the Dr. Maurus Sorg Memorial Scholarship and the St. Marys American Legion Post 103 and the St. Marys Sons of Legion Post 103.

The Community Foundation is one of 40 state wide partners with PATH (Partners for Access to Higher Education). Students who receive a scholarship award from the Community Foundation may qualify for matching dollars through PHEAA and the PATH program. In 2018 over $70,000 was matched to our local students.

Additional graduate level and non-traditional scholarships are also available for music, law, medical, vocational nursing and many more. Visit the websites to see what is available! For further details and deadlines, contact your guidance counselor or the Community Foundation at 844 238-2289.